Sonya and Peter

"Martin was absolutely brilliant from start to finish. We first spoke on email and he was so understanding and helpful with everything. Having never been married before, and without any real idea of what my day would look like, he was fantastic in guiding me. On the day we had no idea he was even there! We were left to enjoy our day without having to ask or suggest. The end result was fantastic. It was even on our doorstep when we got home from honeymoon. Thank you again!"

Louise and Adam

“So happy to have chosen Martin as our wedding videographer. Right from the moment we booked him he went out of his way to meet with us and answer all our questions. From meeting us at the venue in the lead up, to discuss the order of the day and camera placements, to advising us on music choices for the final DVD he could not have been more conscientious or helpful. On the day Martin arrived early to capture both the grounds and the morning build up ahead of the ceremony, he was professional and unimposing throughout the entire day while still managing to capture a wide variety of angles and shots with his considered camera placements (both static and mobile). We truly forgot he was there and as a result the footage is wonderfully natural. Martin went out of his way to deliver the final edit to us with a very short turn around and we couldn’t be happier the final film which captures some lovely moments set to a beautifully orchestrated soundtrack. I would highly recommend Martin to anyone looking to capture their important day.”

Sarah and Caroline

"We chose Posterity Video on a recommendation by our photographer, and we're so pleased we did. Martin is incredibly easy to work with - he just works away in the background doing his thing - chatting to people to keep them at ease. We had the completed DVD back within 2 weeks. And what a result he has produced for us - we are blown away by the DVD, and cry happy tears every time we watch it. Thank you so much Martin - you have given us a means to replay our wedding over and over again, and for that we are extremely grateful! Best wishes, Sarah & Caroline Davies"

Janie and Laurent

"Martin, what an incredible success the video was, thank you so much, it was just what we needed and Mum felt included even though she couldn't be there. It made such a difference to her to see us all and the idea of a special 'interview' just for her was a fabulous idea. Thanks for making it all so easy."

Karolina and Graham

"We are so pleased with all that Martin has done for us - he captured our day very beautifully. We were very stressed, but watching the video you can't noticed it at all. Martin managed to film all the little things which we missed (as the day goes so fast and is so busy) – the amazing sunset, people talking, our son playing, getting ready even running away!! We are glad we have all those memories, as we didn't see it all happen, and the photos just wouldn't be enough! Our son and flower girl just wouldn't pose, so we don't have many pictures with them, but they happily posed for Martin! We are so pleased how the music we chose (including many unusual ones from our favourite films- not typical loves songs) fit so well with our Church and our grand venue. Martin also added translation subtitles to our Polish parents good luck wishes, which was a very sweet touch and so useful for everyone watching the DVD. We are very happy with all Martin's hard work and we are very thankful as we always now have the physical version of our very special memories."

Sophie-Beth and Stephen

"When my sister and her husband got married in 2010, Martin provided a first-class service for one of the most special and memorable days of their lives. So when Steve and I got engaged, there was no question of calling on Martin to capture our whole wedding day from start to finish!  We knew from Martin's enthusiasm, professionalism and passion that he'd do a stellar job! On our wedding day, Martin set up a number of cameras to capture all of the detail and we were absolutely blown away with the results; the love, emotion and laughter were captured beautifully! Thank you so much Martin for producing something that we'll treasure for the rest of our lives. Our wedding DVD is truly one of the most wonderful pieces of wedding memorabilia and we love watching it time and time again. Together with my sister's wedding DVD, the box set is now complete!"

Stacey and Tom

"Martin, I just again wanted to thank you for your incredible work on our wedding video! You really captured every detail and every beautiful moment, and on top of that you can really see all the effort and care you put into making it. We love that we are able to enjoy watching our beautiful day over and over again! Thank you truly x" Stacey and Tom

Sarah and Glynn

"Initially we were divided on whether we wanted a videographer with the Groom wanting it and the Bride not too keen. We found Posterity Video Productions, and from the first contact we had with Martin we had a great feeling that he truly cared about what we were looking for, and having looked at his work we felt that it was perfect! Throughout our Wedding Day we felt that Martin just blended in so well and it didn’t feel like he was “in our face”. We never felt like we had to ask him to capture this or that because he was already there capturing it. This showed to us that he really knew what he was doing. We had many guests come up to us during the day saying how polite and kind Martin was. Whilst we were away on our Honeymoon we often talked about our Wedding Day and we were very eager to see our DVD. We came home and straight away we put it on and we were absolutely overwhelmed with the quality, the use of the music we chose, the moments captured that we remembered and those moments you didn’t realise were going on. All we can say is that Martin did a perfect job and we would highly recommend him. Martin, thank you so much, we are thrilled with the service you have given us, you are a true professional." Sarah and Glynn

Laura and Matt

"Martin was brilliant on our wedding day – a very calming influence and always around to capture the perfect moments. We loved our wedding video and it’s been so much fun to re-live the day again and see the bits we missed. Martin was also extremely helpful with options for our package as we were particularly keen to have a short version of the video to be able to share online with friends – he was able to work this in for us and we’re really pleased with the final result!"

Tracy and Adam

"We had decided against a video but changed our minds four months before the wedding as everyone told us that we would regret it. How right they would have been and how glad were we to have found Posterity Video Productions and Martin! From the very outset you know that Martin really takes pride in what he is doing and you are confident that he has all the expertise needed to make the perfect reminder of your big day. He goes above and beyond to make sure the video is as amazing as it can be and in our case that was working around two very eager photographers! The majority of the day you wouldn’t have even known he was there, just another guest blending into the background, but it was all of the extra touches that would make us recommend him; for the comforting words to the nervous bride, making the Mother of the Bride laugh through the speeches, posting a copy of the DVD through our door so we had a copy before he went on holiday and capturing stills of the day that the photographer didn’t. It was amazing to watch the DVD as there are so many moments you miss or that don’t catch your attention on the actual day. Although we chose the accompanying music for the DVD Martin was astute at putting the “right” song to the “right” part of the day to really capture the atmosphere. Thank You Martin!"

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