I began filming weddings nearly 20 years ago as a hobby. I soon realised I loved it, and in 2008 I turned my hobby into a business. I now realise that it is not just my living, it’s my passion!

I love being such an integral part of the most important and beautiful day a couple can have, and more importantly I love it when they love what I give them in return – a beautiful, emotional record of the people they love enjoying this most special day with them.

And honestly, if I didn’t have bills to pay I would still film weddings simply for the love of it. I don’t film very many weddings each year – enough to pay the bills but at the same time allowing me to devote the time and the thought to make each one uniquely beautiful.

And when each one is finished I am proud to deliver it knowing that it is bound to make people cry happy, joyful tears. At least, that’s what my clients generally tell me:

“Martin, I just again wanted to thank you for your incredible work on our wedding video! You really captured every detail and every beautiful moment, and on top of that you can really see all the effort and care you put into making it. We love that we are able to enjoy watching our beautiful day over and over again! Thank you truly” (Stacey and Tom)

If you will let me, I would love to thoughtfully and unobtrusively film those special moments on your wedding day and turn them into a memory to cherish.

“Having a wedding DVD was one of the best decisions we made, and choosing Martin was an even better decision!…” (Chris and Sian)

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