Although weddings form the main part of my work, I also film many other types of celebrationary event – Christenings, Silver or Golden Wedding anniversaries, Significant Birthday Parties etc. Such an event is one of the few times that most of your family is together, and although you may feel that a video of a party might not make very interesting viewing, the fact that these people are all together having a good time is the real story, and one that vastly increases in value as time passes. It’s an investment in your family’s heritage, and one that you’ll never regret making.

“… Your filming and photography captured every moment beautifully and now we can enjoy the day again and again…” (Christian and Mireille)

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The wedding film package chosen by almost all of my clients includes the following elements:

  • An introduction in the form of a montage of photographs of the couple as they grow up and become adults.
  • Scenes from the preparation at the bride’s house: funny, nervous, beautiful moments that are long forgotten after the excitement of the wedding.
  • Scenes at the wedding venue before the bride arrives – the families gathering; the groom waiting for that moment when his bride arrives
  • The ceremony, including your readings, vows, register-signing and all aspects that include or relate to you.
  • Scenes following the ceremony while the photographer is organising the formal pictures (I will film a lot of informal scenes – elderly relatives chatting, children frolicking, people being happy…) these will most likely become some of your favourite scenes.
  • The reception formalities, including the speeches as well as audience reaction – the tear that trickles down the bride’s cheek as her father tells her how beautiful she is…
  • The first dance and then more, general dancing
  • Recorded during the day and edited into the video, personal messages from relatives and close friends – this is an opportunity for them to tell you what they may not have found the time or opportunity to tell you on the day.
  • Summary ‘picture gallery’ from the whole day in still pictures set to music

I will then spend several days carefully editing your wedding film to produce a feature-length movie that will be a joy to watch over and over again.

You choose the music for your film soundtrack – this music will be used sensitively as appropriate to complete the production. Your finished film will be delivered in high-definition on a memory stick.

Of course, when we discuss your particular wedding you can choose to include whichever elements you like.

It’s possibly difficult to imagine how beautiful a modern wedding film can be without seeing one. Why not let me come and show you some of my recent work – no commitment – I hope it will help you decide that having your wedding filmed is a priority rather than a ‘nice to have’.

“…The DVD has captured the day perfectly and we love it soooo much. It is the best!! I cry every time I watch it…” (Kevin and Jenna)

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Other Celebrations


Again, the actual content is your choice, and prior to your celebration event we would take some time to discuss exactly what you are planning on the day, and how much of it you’d like recorded on video. Typically this might include:

  • Montage of still shots (or video) of key preparations such as a marquee being erected etc.
  • The guests arriving, and those ‘I’m so pleased you could come’ hugs as each group joins the guests.
  • General mingling, chatting, laughing scenes.
  • Any speeches that are made etc.
  • Dancing.
  • As with the weddings, it is really worth including personal messages recorded by your most important guests which I’ll edit into the video.
  • And similarly, a summary ‘picture gallery’ to round it off.

“…Everyone we have shown the video to wished they had used a professional video artist to capture their special day. We are so pleased we did.”  (Max and Alli)

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Hindsight Video


Whatever do I mean by ‘Hindsight’? Let me explain… Your wedding/party/celebration is over, and everyone has said what a great occasion it was. Many people took photographs, some shot some video, but you didn’t have an official videographer there to record the event.

I can take the various video tapes and photographs from you and your guests, and craft them into a cohesive story of your event, set to appropriate music and presented on a memory stick. This will almost certainly become the most treasured souvenir of that special day.

“Martin worked his magic and produced an end result of real quality. I can’t speak highly enough of the work Martin did.” (Mark and Ali)

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